Hosting Your First MEMFix Meeting

By Bret Bilbrey, Director of Communications & Development, BLDG Memphis

At your first MEMFix meeting, you want to focus on three points: where, what and who. To answer these questions, it is recommended that you invite the following people to your first meeting: property and business owners, residents, neighborhood institutions, urban planning and/or architecture professionals, engineers, real estate reps, neighborhood associations, artists, college groups, community activists, nonprofit organizations, DIY-ers.

With this core group, your first priority should be to drill down the exact location in your neighbrohood where the MEMFix will take place. Choose a location that already has energy and interest; a place that is loveable or nostalgic to the neighborhood. Also, consider a location that is easy and comfortable to walk to. This place may have “good bones”and just need some TLC. It is also important to consider the place’s proximity to a residential neighborhood. The project will be as successful as the residents with which you partner.

The rest of your meeting should be about brainstorming. Invite everyone to share their thoughts and ideas so tha you all have a comprehensive understanding of the neighborhood’s specific needs.

Here is an agenda for the meeting that you can follow:

  • Introductions – Everyone introduces themselves, including why they are attending here
  • Location Selection – Narrow the focus regarding boundaries, including street markers
  • Values – Identify unique things about the neighborhood are important to highlight
  • Improvements – Spell out things you all seek to improve through the project
  • Resources – Compile an initial list of people, businesses, places and tools needed for the project Identify
  • Closing – Set a date for your first Work Plan meeting