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HighGround News: Pop-ups, public art, and more: Street festival planned in Alcy Ball for first MEMFix event of 2023

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What’s happening: This Saturday, April 29, marks the beginning of this year’s series of MEMFix events, the innovative neighborhood revitalization initiative first launched by community development coalition BLDG Memphis in 2010. The first event of 2023 takes place along Elvis Presley Boulevard in the Alcy Ball neighborhood, celebrating the legacy of the Bellevue Business District.

What’s planned: A community street festival is planned along Elvis Presley Boulevard from Alcy Road to Gausco Road from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, April 29. More than 45 vendors will be there to sell their wares, as well as neighborhood staples like Coney Island, Champion’s Pharmacy, Gandy’s Barber Shop, and Marquee of Soul. A temporary activation at the bus stop near Coney Island is planned, and a new public art installation will be unveiled at Gandy’s. Also planned is an outdoor beer garden, food options, live music, and more.