The MEMFix Manual – A Practical Guide for
Reimagining Your Neighborhood

MEMFix Manual Cover

The MEMFix Manual is here! Learn how to plan and put on a low-cost trial redesign of a tired space in your neighborhood, assess if your neighborhood team is ready for a full-scale MEMFix-type event, and how to work through the processes with city government and community partners.

Thanks to our partners at Livable Memphis, the Innovation Delivery Team, the City of Memphis, the US EPA (for the funding!), and all the participants in past MEMFix events for making this manual possible!

The MEMFix Manual

National Best Practices

MEMFix and other tactical neighborhood level improvements are not unique to Memphis. There are lots of amazing groups out there doing similar types of neighborhood level work. Check in on these groups from time to time to see what they are up to. Learn from other cities, share your ideas and the work you are doing in Memphis.       

Publications of Interest

A few publications that have written about Tactical Urbanism efforts like MEMFix and other neighborhood level initiatives.