The future of Memphis is largely dependent upon the ability to return people to the core of the city. Only through a concerted effort to promote neighborhood revitalization will we be able to both achieve needed growth and sustain it for years to come.

Born from the idea that public/private partnerships can produce real and substantial change, MEMFix works with communities to redesign and temporarily activate specific city blocks over a weekend to demonstrate the “art of the possible.”

From bike lanes, walkability and pedestrian access to community gardens, parks and green space, MEMFix engages residents to showcase the potential for quality public areas and economic vitality.

Evolution of Initiative

From the very beginning, it became clear that for MEMFix events to be successful there were several key elements that needed to come together:


  • MEMFix events must be community driven.
  • MEMFix events reflect the strengths and needs of each neighborhood.
  • MEMFix events are:
    • Focused on bringing attention to or deliberately generating neighborhood change (not just a block party);
    • Build social capital;
    • Low risk and low cost.